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Low Noise Hydraulic Power Units

Low noise hydraulic power units

ASI Hydraulics has developed a series of low noise hydraulic power units that will make any industry professional want them in service. These are so quiet and allow greater flexibility in factory configurations that would otherwise not be possible.

Quiet Hydraulic Power Units

In response to the ever increasing demand to reduce noise in the manufacturing environment, ASI Hydraulics has developed a line of Very Quiet Hydraulic Power Units (VQP). Leading the industry of low noise hydraulic power units.

With an engineering focus on selecting high quality low noise components and sound dampening assembly techniques, we have developed 3 through 25 HP power-units that operate at approximately 58-62 DB. Our range includes quiet hydraulic power units with 5 HP that operate at 54 DB. All sound measurements were taken with ambient shop noise as a background.

Feel free to call us with any questions regarding very quiet hydraulic power units.