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Energy Saving

Energy Saving Hydraulic Power Units

In the current economy everyone has been feeling the pinch. ASI Hydraulics has been taking notes and has noticed the need for a “green” solution to powering the machinery that is required to run an efficient process. The need for a hydraulic power source that can effectively cut costs and endure for the long haul has finally be brought to the table and will be here to stay.

Our “Green” Energy Saving Hydraulic Power Unit Specifications

  • 5HP Motor TC 184 Frame Motor (Toshiba Pictured)
  • VFD of your choice – Toshiba VFD Variable Frequency Drive – Pictured
  • PVS-0B (8CC Nachi Piston Pump) 3.69 GPM @ 3000PSI
  • Nachi Remote Pressure Relief Valve
  • Top Mount Cooler
  • Donaldson Filtration
  • 20 Gallon Nominal Reservoir
  • Custom Colors Available
  • Custom UL Listed Control Packages Available
  • Footprint 18×20.5×35
  • Optional Forklift/Pallet Jack Base 20.5x28x4

VFD can regulate from 1GPM – 3.69GPM Drive has the UL listed Disconnect for ease of installation in almost any environment
Available with or without valve/manifold packages to suit your needs
Control package integration optional

Unit is equipped with a constant torque drive that will maintain full pressure as the flow varies

Even with the addition of your needed accessories it’s easy to see how this unit can save you and your business money. Everyone is interested in documented cost savings, with this unit the sky is the limit, if you are interested in talking about development/engineering of Energy Saving Hydraulic Power Units, VFD or similar units please contact us, we’d be happy to discuss the potential.