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KTI Hydraulic Power Units

ASI Hydraulics is offering KTI hydraulic power units at low prices with fast delivery. ASI and KTI partner up to bring the highest quality AC power units to the market. Our vast inventory will allow us to make these to order within a very short amount of time for shipments. These units can be configured with various sized AC motors, pumps and tanks. We have developed a proprietary valve manifold for these units so we can adapt directional manifolds as well as manual operations to fit almost any application. If you are replacing a hydraulic power unit and need assistance please contact us so we can get to know your application and help you with finding the right unit.

These KTI hydraulic units are made to order and we can handle any quantity that you may need. We welcome anyone that has an OEM application and can work with you to meet your delivery needs. We are constantly developing these units to be more efficient as well as economical. We fully test these on our hydraulic test bench and provide print out of specs per unit.

Below you will see a list of the main components of a KTI power unit. These can be intermixed and spec’d for each particular application. Of course if you have any questions please contact us.

KTI Oil Reservoirs We have every sized tank for these smaller AC hydraulic units here in stock. The sizes range from 1.5QT to 12QT tanks. They are available in Metal and Polyethylene. In either material they are able to be adapted to either horizontal or vertical applications.

KTI AC Motors At ASI we have learned through experience that the quality of motor really can determine the overall quality of every power unit. We offer name brand, quality and trusted AC motors to be fitted to these units. Motors are available from 110V to 460V, 1-3 Phase – 1/2HP to 3HP motors are commonly available and always on the shelf for rapid shipments. Trust ASI to help you determine the best motor for economy and longevity.

KTI Hydraulic Pumps are available in various sizes and are all stocked here at ASI Hydraulics. The pressure loaded gear pumps are highly efficient to deliver the advertised CC’s. We have 12 readily available pumps ranging from .63 to 6.0 CC.
We also have 2 Hi-low Pumps available 5.1 x .8CC and 3.7 x 1.2CC. If you are not sure what size your pump is or have an application that needs specifications laid out, Contact us.(link) We will be happy to help you.

KTI / Nachi Hydraulic Valves ASI is a Nachi America Preferred Partner. We are a stocking distributor of Nachi hydraulic pumps and directional valves. We have valve options to suit every application out there. ASI has also developed a valve manifold that can be easily added to any KTI center plate allowing a vast range of options for any application out there.

KTI Manual valve Options KTI has several standard valve options that fit into their center plate manifold. Pictured is a standard 2 way valve. We are experienced in the application of these valves and are able to help you determine the right one to deliver the correct pressures for your product or application.

KTI Center Plate / Manifold This is a required component that will allow the valve options to be applied correctly. The ports for transfer of hydraulic fluid or hoses are located here. Also we are able to determine how much pressure is going to be used for each application through valve options.

KTI adapter plate This is also a required component but has no flexibility or options. This adapter plate plays an important role to adapt the motor to the center plate/manifold to the tank.